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Unboxing the New Mountain Buggy Nano Urban Pushchair - A light travel friendly pushchair

We have just received Mountain Buggy's Urban Nano, their redesigned, light travel pushchair at our showroom here in Wallingford. We wanted to share with you our initial impression of the pushchair.

Mountain Buggy Nano Urban new and boxed
Mountain Buggy Nano Urban new and boxed

What has really attracted us to this pushchair, which is a redesign of Mountain Buggy's Nano pushchair which you can still get, is that the wheels are much better quality and it comes with 2 sets of wheels. The idea is to have a versatile pushchair with 10" rear wheels and 7.5" front wheels weighing in at a super light 7.6kg, but then with an easy conversion, you can change the wheels for 5.5" all round for travel, making the pushchair weigh only 6.3kg.

It came neatly packed in its own travel bag.

It went together extremely easily. To change the wheels over is very quick, you pop the rear ones off and slot in the new ones. For the front ones you need to press a small metal button to release them, we have managed to do it with a pen and with a house key. The only negative we did find was there was a really strong chemical smell as it had obviously come fresh from the production line. However, the smell has dissipated.

The pushchair can be a travel system with the Mountain Buggy Cocoon.

You can also add a car seat with the travel belt which comes with it. Be warned the travel belt is in a pocket under the seat, we spent a week thinking it either hadn't arrived with the pushchair or we'd some how managed to lose it! With the ability to carry an infant carrier car seat, this enables the pushchair to be used as a travel system.

Whilst they have shed the horrible plastic wheels of the Nano, they have kept the easy compact fold. They have added a locking mechanism so it doesn't spring open on you whilst slotting it in the carry bag, which has been designed so the rear wheels are on the outside of the bag meaning you can pull it along like a trolley.

Another great plus in this redesign is that it is able to carry a child up to 22kg making it the same carry ability as a full-sized pushchair, rather than its previous version that only went up to 15kg. However, they have maintained the fold dimensions of the original Nano so it will fit in most plane cabins (always check with the airline because requirements do vary.)

The other thing we have noticed about this pushchair is that it has a reasonably tall handle. This type of pushchair doesn't tend to come with an adjustable handle and they are often quite low, but this one measures 112cm from floor to the top of the handle.

In conclusion, Mountain Buggy have made an excellent pushchair which is lightweight, compact and is designed to be used as an everyday pushchair and as a travel pushchair with the inclusion of two sets of wheels. We will be showing it to customers who are serious about a travel system that is small, light and versatile.

If you would like to come and give it a try (it's always hard to really know what these things are like just from looking online) we now have it in our showroom, click here for info on how to find us.

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