About Pushchairs and Car Seats

So how did it all start for pushchairs and car seats?

Since July 2003, when it was acquired from Freeserve, babyworld was an independent company owned and supported by a passionate and dedicated team of people who have had close involvement in the nurturing and development of the site since its beginning in 1996. Read more about the history of babyworld/Pushchairs and Car Seats. In April 2011, Glam Media purchased the media assets of babyworld and rather than let the e-commerce side of the business close, Pushchairs and car seats was created by the e-commerce management team to acquire the E-commerce assets of the business.


We believe that becoming a parent should be a rewarding and satisfying experience and so we aim to provided trusted independent advice when you are shopping for products for you and your baby. We don't recommend products because we sell them, we only sell products that we would personally recommend.


We aim to provide all the information that parents need in order to make the right choices that suit their needs and their lifestyle and everyone is different. Pushchairs and Car Seats is committed to bringing you essential, up to date information that is in tune with the needs of today's parents.

Pushchairs and Car Seats strives for continuous improvement in the provision advice and information so if you have any suggestions as to how we can do that we'd love to hear from you.

Please email us at shop@pushchairsandcarseats.com.



5 Reasons to Buy from Pushchairs and Car Seats


1) We are small which means that we care. We have been keeping children safe and helping parents since 2004. 


2) We are independent which means that we give honest, impartial advice on all the products that we sell. Our customers appreciate the fact that we often tell them when we think a product isn't right for them.


3) We like dealing with customers and treat our customers exactly as we would be expect to be treated


4) Competitive pricing - by keeping our costs low we can pass on savings to our customers


5) We hand pick our range so that we can bring you the best and most innovative products on the market today. We don't recommend these products because we sell them, We sell them because we recommend them



Jon Buxton

Contact Jon for store enquiries, editorial, product reviews and pretty well anything on the site

One of the founding members of babyworld.com ltd and the creator of pushchairsandcarseats.com.



Kate Harris


Customer Service / Showroom

A very busy Mum of 3 young children, Kate is passionate about child safety.

Flossie Pottle

Customer Service / Showroom / Assistant E-commerce

A Student and talented chef, studying Product Design at Nottingham University. 

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