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What is a travel system?

A travel system is a pushchair which can have a carrycot and infant carrier car seat attached to it.

What is the difference between a pushchair, pram, stroller and buggy?

Fundamentally, nothing.  They are all wheeled vehicles you push and children can sit or lie in.

Can I try out your pushchairs?

Yes - we would encourage you to 'drive' our showroom pushchairs. You can try your children in them and we even have special weights that will simulate the weight of a child.

Can I see if a pushchair will fit into my car boot?

Yes - certainly. It sounds obvious, but make sure the pushchair you wish to buy fits into your car. We can help.

Which is the best pushchair/ travel system?

Annoyingly the answer is, the one that suits you best.  We have written an article on this subject to try and help give you a clearer understanding of what to look for.  Please click here to read "The Perfect Pushchair."

Do you sell pushchairs for Triplets?

No - unfortunately we do not stock any Triple pushchairs. Parents of Triplets often find that using a baby carrier (e.g. an ergo or baby bjorn in combination with a double pushchair like the Baby Monsters Easy Twin 4, is an easier and more cost effective solution as some Triple pushchairs are very expensive.

Saying that, we do have the Bump Rider Connect as a double in the showroom.  You can add another seat unit to it to make it suitable for triplets.  Please click the link here to find out more about the Bump Rider Connect.

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