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Privacy Policy, Security and Cookies

We respect your privacy. All information you provide to us will be held with the utmost care and security, in accordance with our obligations under UK Data Protection legislation ltd. will not divulge any identifiable information about any of its customers to any third party unless it has first obtained your consent to do so. We do not store credit card details nor do we share customer details with any 3rd parties.

If you email comments to us, we may use them for editorial purposes or in promotional, advertising or marketing materials unless you have expressly asked us not to


Secure Transactions

We have made every effort to ensure that our site is completely secure and we go to great lengths to ensure it remains so. We believe secure transactions should be a priority when shopping on the Internet. Our online transactions system is built using SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) - the encryption technology used for secure Internet commerce transactions. This technology scrambles your information so that only babyworld can read your order details.


How Secure Is Payment?


Your credit card security is our highest priority and we take the security of your online transactions very seriously indeed. Thanks to our advanced encryption technology (secure sockets layer or SSL) your online orders are safe. This technology scrambles your information so that only babyworld can read your order details.

We offers a number of secure payment methods including online via Stripe, Paypal, Amex, pay by telephone or you can visit our showroom in Wallingford. All these systems are secure but the most secure method of payment is to use our online system. We use secure servers and also incorporate a system (T3M) which provides active real time credit card fraud screening services. It also incorporates a system from Visa and Mastercard called 3D secure which will ask you to submit your password when making credit card transactions online. You should never divulge your password to anyone. If you pay online via sagepay then no one ever sees any of your credit or debit card details as all the data is encrypted. We want you to be comfortable shopping online so if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

We use the payment service Stripe an approved payment solutions provider for Lloyds TSB Cardnet, Barclays Merchant Services, HSBC, American Express, Halifax, Natwest Streamline and Bank of Scotland. The VeriSecure Payment system (VSP) is a secure solution that provides an environment for verifying payment card details across the internet. It is secure and reliable, with real time 24 hour transaction processing. VSP has sophisticated security measures, which incorporate digital signatures for validation purposes.

For your safety, customer details are never sent to the merchant - they go via the VSP - safeguarding customer details from potential hackers. Furthermore, unlike the majority of online Payment Service Providers, who receive transaction details through hidden fields sent via the customers browser (which could be tampered with or spoofed), VSP Server talks directly to our secure web server over a 128-bit encrypted secure channel, exchanging digitally signed messages to register the transaction and notify us directly of the authorisation results.

3D Secure


We incorporates the 3D secure system from Visa and Mastercard which requires the user to create and use a password for your credit or debit card when using it to place orders online with any online store. In essence the system is like chip and pin for the web and ensures that only you can use your credit card to place orders online. Even if your card details have been compromised in some way - if the fraudster does not know your password then the transaction will fail. For this reason you should never divulge your password to anyone.

Click here to view our pages about 3D secure and our existing fraud prevention measurements


This site ( uses an SSL Certificate from RapidSSL to offer secure communications by encrypting all data to and from the site.



For more information on Rapid SSL/Thawte please see the FAQs


What are cookies?
A 'cookie' is a small piece of labelled information which the web site sends back to your web browser, so that your web browser can send it back when making future page requests. For example, when you log in to a web site, the web site might then send you back a cookie containing a 'token' to show that you are logged in - e.g. a cookie called 'loggedin' = 'token-abc123xyz'. Next time you access a page on the site, your web browser sends back this value as part of the request. The web site can look up the value you sent, and identify who you are from your login details. if it did not do this, you would have to log in to every single page you accessed.

Some cookies are 'session cookies' and are only stored until you close your web browser. They are not usually written to your hard disk at all. Typically these cookies will be used for keeping track of your current browsing session, keeping you logged in, etc. Other cookies are 'persistent' and may be written to disk, with an expiry date some time in the future. These type of cookies are usually for maintaining a preference for the next time you visit the site, such as remembering a login name for you, or remembering for which area of the country you usually want to see a weather forecast.

'Third party' cookies are those sent by a web site other than the site you are actually looking at, usually because there is some content from another site embedded in the main site. For instance, a youtube video or an advert from another site may well cause a third party cookie to be sent. These cookies serve exactly the same function as cookies from the main site, but are sent back to the issuing site.

Cookies are only sent back by your web browser to the site that originally sent them. In certain cases the cookie may be sent to sites in the same domain (e.g. and may share cookies because they are both in but your browser will not send a cookie to that was originally sent by

If you want to change the way your web browser handles cookies, check your internet browser settings in the 'privacy' section. you can usually over-ride the automatic handling to alert you when cookies are sent, although you'll quickly find yourself having to click on endless confirmation messages! You can also disable cookies entirely, but you may then find many sites do not work, and you are unlikely to be able to log in to any sites. A middle-ground option is to disable third-party cookies, and allow first party cookies and session cookies.

Cookies that we use

The pushchairs and carseats web site currently uses the following cookies: (those marked as 'session' are only stored until you close the web browser, the others may be stored persistently.)

ASP.NET_SessionId (session)
This is used to maintain your session state, allowing us to keep track of the state of your current shopping session. This cookie is the only one which is essential for you to be able to place an order.

ASPSESSIONIDxxxxxxxx (session)
This is used to maintain your session state within our ad serving software, and to try and limit the number of times you see the same advert. The exact name of the cookie will vary, as it changes each time the web service starts.

ShopBasket (session only)
This is used to store details of the current contents of your shopping basket, so that it does not disappear mid-session if we have to restart the web site for some reason.

AuthShop (session)
This is used to record that you have logged in with your username/password, so that you can remain logged in if we have to restart the web site for some reason.

oref (session)
This is used to record the original site that referred you to the shop, so that we can track this through to your order and credit the referring site if necessary.

Google Analytics cookies: __utma, __utmb, __utmc, __utmz
These are used by our google analytics account, to track page usage and trends, and to identify repeat visitors to the site. __utmc is only stored for the current session, the others are stored persistently

Cookies from third parties

depending on the page and which adverts are served from our ad software, you may receive cookies from third party companies. While it is impossible for us to identify all of these, the most common will be as follows:

This is used by to record adverts seen and clicked. Visit for more details.

This is used by youtube (e.g. when we have an embedded video on the page) to record your viewing preferences.

Other information that we collect

When you place an order we will collect your contact details and store them in our database, so that we can deliver your order. Some of the address details will also be passed to our payment providers so they can authenticate the transaction, and to our delivery couriers. We may use your contact details for our own marketing purposes, but we do not give or sell your details to third parties other than for the direct fulfillment of your order.

As is normally the case on any web site, we automatically collect traffic logs of all web pages accessed. These will include the following:

  • Browser type

  • Network IP address

  • Date/time

  • The URL of the page accessed

  • Referring page URL

We use this data for traffic analysis, and for identifying problems with the site.

Some of this data, in particular the network IP address, may be passed to our payment providers when you place an order, for fraud detection and prevention.


Customer Service:


Telephone: 01491 821877

Call for any enquiries or to place an order

Location: The Slate Barn, Mongewell Park Farm, Wallingford Road, Wallingford, Oxon OX10 8DY

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