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The Perfect Pushchair

Updated: Dec 27, 2023

So if I want to create my perfect car it would probably :-


Do 0 - 60 in 4 seconds

100 miles to the gallon Have space in the boot for a wardrobe

Be compact and nippy in narrow city streets

Have space for 3 children

Excellent off-road including mud and snow

Cheap to run

Sporty Look amazing Easy to Park Less than £10,000 Run on petrol, diesel and electricity

I don't want much do I. The list above could only really be satisfied by 4 maybe 5 cars. Realistically - it is just not possible in one machine. So what about my perfect Pushchair?


Compact and light

Easy to fold

All Terrain / off road Big enough for 2 children

Capable of going Jogging/Running Aesthetically pleasing Parent and World facing seat unit Can take a carrycot Can take a range of possible car seats 4 wheels

3 wheels

Rubber tyres

Do you see what I mean - it's already at least 4 different pushchairs. So clearly there is a balance to be found and some prioritization to be done. Compact and light, easy to fold 3 wheeler with rubber tyres that can take a car seat might be the Out n About Nipper Single or the Thule Spring or the Mountain Buggy Swift. but they don't have a rear facing seat unit, cannot take 2 children, are not for Jogging / Running and to some don't like very pleasing. Equally The Nuna Mixx Next has 4 wheels, a parent and rear facing seat unit, can take a car seat and carrycot and is universally regarded as very pretty. But it is not so capable off-road, not so compact or easy to fold, and cannot take 2 children. The point is - there is no Perfect Pushchair. They all have their strengths and weakness and will suit different people depending upon their situation. At Pushchairs and Car seats we know that every customer has their own unique requirements so we don't favour a particular brand or particular type of pushchair. We'll help you to work out which pushchairs will work best for you and your lifestyle. You might still have a choice of half a dozen great pushchairs and that's fine - we have at least narrowed the search down a bit. So if you are searching for the perfect pushchair - like me you will probably end up disappointed. But there are still some excellent machines out there that may do 5 of the 6 things on your list and make your life easier. We have to give the manufacturers something to aim for though - don't we? Visit our showroom in Wallingford for more information

many thanks Jon P and CS

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