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The TFK Mono2 Combi Pushchair - The best pushchair you have never heard of.

So why do we like the TFK pushchairs so much?

A huge brand in Germany, TFK have now introduced their range of astonishingly well-constructed and rugged pushchairs to the UK. I've seen, handled, folded and constructed a lot of pushchairs in my life so I am not easy to impress with sales chatter like "compact and easy to fold" or "great off-road". I like to give the pushchairs in our showroom a real pasting to see what they can cope with.

TFK Duo2 pushchair
TFK Duo2 pushchair

At a recent nursery fair I was struck by seeing one of the exhibitors actually riding around on a "buggy board" on the back of his pushchair. That pushchair was the astonishing TFK Mono 2 pushchair from German Pushchair Innovators TFK (Trends for Kids).

TFK Mamaboard with Mono2 Combi Pushchair
TFK Mamaboard with Mono2 Combi Pushchair

In short the TFK pushchairs are simply untouchable for build quality. Let's face it Germany is now a byword for build quality and these pushchairs are no exception. I have ridden round the showroom many times on our Mamaboard attached to the back of the TFK Mono2 and you can feel the quality. You may not have heard of this brand but believe me when I say they are worth having a look at if you are after a sturdy all terrain pushchair or travel system. You can check out their range here or visit our showroom and take them for a test drive - you won't be disappointed.

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