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The Revolutionary BeSafe Beyond And Go Beyond

Updated: Jun 21

We have recently received the BeSafe Beyond isofix base, The Beyond Go and Beyond 360 car seats for our showroom. These are boundary breaking car seats and we have been waiting to get our hands on these for quite a while!

The Beyond Isofix base

This is a rotating isofix base allowing the seats put on them to turn for ease of putting children into them and so you don't have to twist your back to harness them in and pull the harness tight. It is made of EPP which is slowly making its way into car seat manufacture because it is extremely light without compromising safety.

BeSafe use this spirit level on their other spin seats too. The idea is that no matter the shape of the car seat that the seat is installed on, it will be at the correct position. You can see on our showroom car seat (pictures below) the seat is not resting on it but is actually above it.

The BeSafe Beyond isofix base also allows for a good fit against the back of the seat and also gives the option of giving more leg room as your little one gets bigger over time.

Besafe Go Beyond

They have retained many of my favourite things about the Besafe Izi Go in this new infant carrier. It is still has:

  • a 5-point harness which is still surprisingly rare in infant carrier car seats

  • certified by AGR (German organisation for back health)

  • can be seatbelt installed as well as put on isofix base

  • has magnets in the harness

  • uses dynamic force absorber in the head area of the seat.

  • weighs 4.5kg so only very slightly heavier

However, they have introduced some new things to this seat which makes it even better than before:

  • The canopy can be angled easily so for best coverage of your baby

  • Whilst it still fits on most pushchairs, it is even easier to release because they have changed the place where the release mechanism is.

  • The handle is easier to move out of the way because it is on the handle where you would naturally want to hold it.

  • The seat retains the standard 13kg weight limit, however the height limit is now a whopping 87cm so it will really last.

The new big innovation is that this seat fits with the Beyond isofix base so it is now a rotating seat.

The really, really big innovation is that this is a lie flat car seat (only when you use with the isofix base, the lie flat can not be used when seatbelt installed) that is SAFE to use in your car. That is because the BeSafe geniuses have created a function which means in the event of a crash the seat will automatically move into the correct position.

BeSafe Beyond and Beyond 360

This is the next seat in the modular system after the Go Beyond. This is again innovative because it is the only extended rear facing seat that will rotate and it is the first rotating seat that will go up to 125cm.

This seat comes with two options The BeSafe Beyond and the BeSafe Beyond 360. These are the same seats in that they are:

  • Suitable from 61cm to 125cm (approx 6 months to 6 years because it has a slightly lower weight limit)

  • Weight limit of 22kg

  • Rotate on the BeSafe Beyond isofix base

  • Use dynamic force absorber technology in the head rest

  • Have magnets to keep the harness out of the way

  • Can make use of the isofix base's moveable rebound block to give more leg room

  • Very easy to spin (not all seats are)

  • Allow you to rear face your child until later to give their skeleton time to mature before forward facing them with an adult seat belt in a high back booster.

The difference between them are:

  • The Beyond 360 is slightly more expensive

  • The Beyond 360 rotates 360 degrees whilst the Beyond rotates 180 degrees

  • The Beyond is a Swedish plus tested seat whilst the Beyond 360 is not.

Whilst we already have models in our showroom the BeSafe Beyond system is not going to be available until early September. However, we are taking pre-orders and we welcome you to come and see these seats for yourself.

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