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The New BeSafe Stretch ERF Car Seat

Updated: Feb 28

We have been lent a pre-production model of this new innovation from Child Safety Wizards BeSafe. The Besafe Stretch Car Seat will be available to buy in March but we have 1 in our showroom for the next few days. This car seat offers extended rear facing up to a staggering 36kg or 125cm tall so really does give you a very extended rear facing option.

We also like the seatbelt routing mechanism where you just turn a knob and the seatbelt will pull itself to the required tension and then give an audible click like a torque wrench. Traditionally these seats have not been the easiest to fit but this one is no problem at all. suitable to 125 cm tall. This seat provides loads of headroom and loads of adjustable legroom. If you have a small car it will still fit into small spaces but if you have the space,

then you can provide your child plenty of additional legroom.

You can see some pictures we took using this link. Please contact us on for more information.

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