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Besafe Beyond Car Seat - Extended Rear Facing Finally Spins

Updated: Mar 28

BeSafe Beyond

BeSafe Beyond System

The world’s first rotation system from 0 to 6 years

Launching Summer 2024

Meet BeSafe​ Beyond ​

One Base - Two Car Seats

A car seat system that ensures the safety of your ​child in the safest possible way from birth up to 6 ​years old. This system surpasses current standards ​with rotation and groundbreaking features. Unique ​adjustments in both the baby seat, toddler seat, ​and ISOfix base for easy installation

Already award winner!

"BeSafe Beyond stands out for its unwavering ​commitment to child safety, innovative design, and ​sustainability, making it a deserving winner of the ​Baby Innovation Award." according to the jury.

BeSafe Go Beyond

Age: Approx 0-18 months/ Max weight: 13 kg/

Height: 40-87 cm

  • Active lay flat ™: A revolutionary feature that ensures ​your baby travels safely, even in a reclined position in the ​car. In case of an accident, the car seat will automatically ​move to an upright position, providing a safer angle ​during a collision.

  • 5-point harness for optimal safety.

  • Make life a little easier with ONE-HAND FREE operations ​for various functions.

  • Peekaboo' function – adjust the sun canopy on both ​sides for perfect shade.

BeSafe Beyond 360

Age: Approx: 6 months - 6 years/ Max weight: 22 kg/ Height: ​61-125 cm

  • BeSafe latest toddler seat offering extended usage time ​with the convenience of a full 360-degree rotation with a ​smart blocking mechanism for safe extended rear facing ​use. Upgrade BeSafe Beyond 360 for a new level of ​convenience and peace of mind

  • 360 rotation as the child grows

  • One-hand operations on various functions.

  • Adjustable legroom.

  • Flexible and lightweight

BeSafe Beyond Base

Age: Approx 0 months – 6 years/ Max weight: 22 kg

  • Fits all BeSafe Beyond seats.

  • The base is developed with materials that are both ​lighter and stronger than current standards, thus ​handling the forces of a child up to 22 kg and 125 cm.

  • A built-in level on the base ensures the correct angle for ​the car seat, regardless of the car seat's inclination in the ​car. We refer to this feature as Universal Level ​Technology™

  • Effortless installation in the car with ISOfix.

  • Rotation for flexibility and additional comfort

BeSafe Beyond ​Base

Safe Journeys ​with ​BeSafe

With BeSafe's innovative system, children can sit safely and comfortably from newborn to approximately six years old. The baby seat features an extended usability period of 18 months, surpassing the previous standard of 12 months. The toddler seat (seat number 2) can utilized rear-facing until the child reaches approximately six years old, compared to earlier rotating seats that only lasted until approximately four years old.

BeSafe invests significant effort in keeping more children rear-facing for as long as possible, recognizing its potential to save lives. BeSafe Beyond simplifies the process and offers flexibility in choosing the best option, ensuring that every journey remains simple and secure. With BeSafe's rotation system, it becomes feasible to maintain a rear-facing position for the child for a longer duration, thus enjoying all the benefits associated with such a system. You can pre order the Besafe Beyond and Besafe Beyond 360 car seats and The Isofix Base here.

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