Rotating Rear Facing Car Seats

The first rotating car seat we ever saw was an infant carrier / group 1 seat from Japan. A good seat but incredibly expensive (£700 in 2005) and it probably arrived before it's time. I went to the launch party of the Maxi Cosi Axiss in 2007 and hot on it's heels came the Britax Dualfix which offered spinning and extended rear facing. These days there are dozens of high quality rotating car seats from Britax, Joie, Recaro, Nuna, Cybex, Mountain Buggy and many more. So what's the fascination? It took manufacturers a while to work out that a rotating car seat makes it much easier to place your child into their car seat without straining your back. They also offer forward facing and Rear facing options and some are now iSize rated seats. I suspect rotating car seats will become the norm for new car seat design going forwards - and that's a good thing.

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