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Then there was Freeserve

So In my second day at babyworld in July 1999 - Chris called us into the little office and said - something odd is about to happen. 6 people are about to turn up and ask you all a few questions. OK - we thought - "what's happening". we are being bought by Freeserve. Anyone remember Internet Service providers? 56k Dial up Modems? Portal Sites? Well that's what we were dealing with back then. Chris had secured some financing from a business angel about 10 months earlier to the tune of around £750k. Freeserve ( Dixons Stores Group) purchased the company for £3.7m. It was the dotcom boom days. Suddenly we had more money and a new owner. We started to make plans to find larger offices with a decent internet connection and toilets on the same floor. In a small company everyone has to get involved with everything. I set about looking for a new office. In early 2000 we moved into a new office on Milton Park in Abingdon.

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