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Pushchairs and Car Seats Join the Dogs Welcome Campaign

Updated: Nov 14, 2023

34% of the UK adult population have a dog with an estimated population of 13 million pet dogs. And yet dogs are not welcome in many high street and retail park stores - which tends to mean that their owners don't feel very welcome either. We know that dogs aren't everyone's cup of tea and we will always check with customers if they are happy to be around dogs. The dogs that we have had in our showroom have always been well behaved, clean and on a leash so they don't really bother anyone. The 'Dogs Welcome' Campaign was started in Wallingford, Oxfordshire by the parents of Bramble - Lisa and Joe Quilter to help shops, restaurants and businesses promote that they 'actively' welcome dogs, and their parents. Bramble, Lisa and Joe Quilter were aware many businesses already welcomed dogs, but didn't actively promote it - so often dogs were left outside with no protection and in the elements. They were also aware that dog parents didn't want to ask if they could come in with their dogs, only to be rebuffed, and told NO.

On the flip side, Bramble, Lisa and Joe Quilter realised shops, restaurants and businesses were missing out on up to 26% more footfall, and for a small town like Wallingford, which also attracted many visitors (who were more likely to bring their dogs with them), this was a massive amount. So in 2019, they launched the 'Dogs Welcome' Campaign and the 'Paw Sticker' - an initiative started by themselves, and paid for by themselves, to get as many shops, restaurants and businesses to sign up, and to display the 'Paw Sticker' on entrance doors, and windows. At Pushchairs and Car Seats we have always welcomed dogs to our showroom. Yes sometimes they would prefer to stay in the car but we are also happy to provide water and let them wander around the lawn opposite our showroom as well as the showroom itself. The campaign by an Joe Quilter is an excellent and many local businesses have signed up to the dogs welcome facebook group and we proudly display the 'Dogs Welcome' sticker on our front door. So if you have a dog and you want to visit us - you are more than welcome to bring your dog with you.

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