The amazing new Recaro Monza Nova IS isofix group 1,2,3 car seat s here. A car seat that will keep your child safe all the way from 9kgs to 36kgs or approx 1 - 12 years.


In the RECARO Monza Nova IS, children from 9-18kgs, approximately nine months to four years (ECE Group I) are secured with the new RECARO impact shield.


Extremely shock absorbent high-performance materials spread impact forces throughout the impact shield and absorb them. The large cushion spreads the load and force experienced by your child making this a super safe car seat.


Couple this with attachment to your cars isofix points if it has them and it doesn't get much better.After Group I (18kgs) use, the impact shield is removed and children from 18 to 36 kg (ECE-Groups II and III) are secured with the vehicle's 3-point seat belt.


Additional crash pads on both outer sides of the RECARO Monza Nova IS together with foam supports in the hip and head areas distribute the load.


The side crash fins with a ventilating function act as energy absorbers in the event of a side impact. The ergonomically moulded foam and the unique RECARO Air Circulation System, reduces perspiration of the child in the seat, ensuring the child's comfort.


The depth-adjustable headrest allows the head of the child to stay in the sleeping position without falling forward – out of the safe headrest area.


The RECARO Monza Nova IS features the unique RECARO sound system, where speakers integrated in the headrest allow the child to listen to their own audio program. The MP3-player can be practically stored in the pocket at the side of the seat.


Nothing to do with safety but it might well keep other occupants sane if they are fed up with listening to Peppa Pig and High School Musical for the 297th time...This seat has recently won a which best buy award and has proved extremely popular in our showroom in Wallingford.


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EAN: 04031953062193


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SKU: 04031953062193

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