These adapters are designed to fit 1 Nipper Double Carry Cot onto the Nipper 360 V2 or V3 or V4 Double pushchair.

These are simple to attach, clicking into where the harness bar would normally attach into, and the great thing is that if you have one older child and a newborn, with the single carrycot adaptor the older child still gets a harness bar!

Two adaptors are available, if you are using one carrycot and one seat unit then a single adaptor is required, whereas if you require two carry cots for a double pushchair (ie for twins) then you will require the double adaptor.

This Nipper Double Carrycot Adapter 1 is compatible with the Nipper Double pushchair. Adapter 1 will be required when attaching 1 carrycot to the Nipper Double

Out n About Nipper Double Carrycot Adaptor for 1 carry cot

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