Oribel Door Knocker


VertiplayTM toys stick on most vertical surfaces; increasing play
area and creating a unique interactive experience.
Clean Floor, more fun! Toys on the wall means less clutter on the

These adorable animal knockers dress up and personalise doors.
They also make a great percussion instrument!
Teach them about the importance of knocking before they enter
with this clever little toy.

This toy helps develop gross motor skills and musical awareness.


Features & Benefits
• Animal themed door knocker/percussion instrument
• Supplied with self-adhesive backing
• Removable and reusable
• No tools required
• Made with high quality wood from sustainable sources
• Toys stick best to untreated or painted wood,
laminates, dry walls and most smooth surfaces
• May not stick well on textured painted walls and rough


Open Dimensions
(L x W x H)

10.7 x 1 x 10.3
Carton Dimensions 16.3 x 2.2 x 12
Age suitablility 9 months
Net weight 0.04kg
Gross weight 0.059kg



Oribel Door Knocker Roarry, Spikeyy & Crroaky


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