New BeSafe Belt Guard


Compatible with BeSafe toddler seats only
The new BeSafe belt guard only fits onto BeSafe car seats or car seats that have velcro on the inside of the dholder straps.

If you are looking for the original BeSafe Belt Clip - Click Here

BeSafe Belt Guard
With its optimal belt support, the Belt Guard keeps your child safe when travelling in a toddler car seat from BeSafe.


The BeSafe Belt Guard holds the shoulder belts safely together, preventing little Houdinis from wriggling their way out of the belts of their child car seat.


The BeSafe Belt Guard is an important product, as all children at some point come into a phase of testing out their limits – and for some of them, this means developing a habit of wriggling themselves out of the harness of their child car seat, no matter how well the parent has tightened it.


Can easily be opened with one action
Can stay permanently on the seat, making buckling up quick and easy


The BeSafe Belt Guard is, of course, crash-tested at a renowned test institute and complies with the strict requirements of UN R129. By being installed permanently onto the shoulder pads, the Belt Guard makes buckling the child up easy and uncomplicated and can be used with all BeSafe toddler seats.


The patented design of this solution allows for closing and opening the Belt Guard in just one action, thereby enabling taking the child out of the seat quickly in any situation.

Through this, the BeSafe Belt Guard offers parents a functional and proven solution for making sure that their little escape artist stays safely in the child car seat’s harness at any time.


Technical information:

Approved within UN R129
Does not have to be adjusted in height as the child grows
Easy to open and close when the belts are loose
Compatible with BeSafe toddler seats only


Another brilliant idea from BeSafe !

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New BeSafe Belt Guard - BeSafe Seats only

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