Kiddy Phoenixfix 3 Car Seat

Ex-display but in immaculate condition.

Group: 1 - Age: Approx 9 months - 4 years Weight: 9-18 kg  

The Kiddy Phoenixfix 3: where safety comes first. 
Innovative, modern, comfortable, but above all, extremely safe!

Parents want maximum safety and security for their child. The Phoenixfix 3 has all the qualities expected from Kiddy products: it combines optimum safety with user friendliness, an appealing design and premium quality. 
The Phoenixfix 3, is the successor of the established and top award-winning car seat, the outstanding Phoenixfix Pro 2. 

Why have we made the best child car seat in the world even better?
There has been a change in the ECE-R44/04 European Safety Regulations and the Phoenixfix 3 fulfills the more demanding requirements of these. In the new roll over test 'Supplement 7', our protective seat passes this tough test with flying colours. These outstanding results are due to the optimised, contoured shape of the seat; the use of high-performance materials, and an enhanced Original Kiddy Impact Shield. 

The Kiddy K-fix+ system has been redesigned. The K-fix+ connectors are longer for easier installation to the car and offer a greater degree of recline. The new K-fix+ connectors boast a clever new sideways movement. This has several advantages. First the seat can be moved sideways which gives more room for your child to safely climb in and out of the car. It makes it easier to buckle the seat up too. Secondly moving the seat to one side, makes it easier to carry the seat. Finally, and most importantly, in the event of an side impact, the seat will slide sideways, and protectively push your child inwards away from the impact zone. Greater protection for your child, where they need it most. 

The seat pad and cushion have been redesigned. This allows the child to sit higher for more freedom of upper body movement giving more comfort for the child. There is new breathable 3D mesh fabric to keep your child cool. A new 5 position headrest and an adjustable leg extension allows for the seat to be adapted to the child as they grow. Finally there is a new Kiddy Shock Absorber which reduces forces in the event of a frontal impact. The Phoenixfix 3 is simple and easy to fit: simply put your child in the seat; fit the impact shield firmly; fasten the seatbelt securely; and off you go!

The Phoenixfix 3 comes eight modern colours for 2018. The new  fabrics have reflective inserts for additional safety, to ensure the seat would be visible in the event of an accident at night time. The fabric is covered with small dots which convey a very special Morse code message: “Kiddy – we love our kids”. A unique message from us to you!

The all new Phoenixfix 3 - comfort and safety assured, wherever you travel.

Safety features
Enhanced Kiddy Impact Shield

The enhanced Impact Shield conforms to ECE-R44/04 Supplement 7 - the roll over test. The upper part of the body curls over the impact shield in the event of a front-end collision. The loads on the cervical spine are significantly reduced in comparison to 5 point harness systems.

Side Impact Protection

In the event of an impact, the Shock Absorber absorbs any energy which is created along the adult seat belt which secures the impact shield. This diverts the forces away from the child and into the seat. 

Optimized geometric designed lateral areas

The Phoenixfix 3 side impact protection components are designed to give optimum protection for the child in the event of a side collision. Your child will have a clear view out of the side window as you travel.

High-tech material

The head and shoulder area of children is especially vulnerable, since the head is still relatively heavy compared to the rest of the body. Our high-performance material 'Honey Comb V2' has outstanding shock-absorbing properties which keep this delicate zone particularly well protected.

Perfect fit

The Phoenixfix 3 adapts to your child's growing body. In this way the seat fits perfectly and cocoons your child to offer even better protection. That's safe "adjustment" for each growth stage of your child!

Retraction mechanism

The practical retraction mechanism allows you to remove the Kiddy k-fix+ connectors from the car in a quick and easy way. This makes this car seat also suitable for use in vehicles without an ISOFIX system.

Kiddy K-fix+ connectors

The new longer K-fix+ connectors enable easy fitting of this car seat to an ISOFIX mounting system. This creates a rigid connection to the the vehicle. The improved k-fix+ connectors move sideways in the event of a side impact, to push the child away from any door intrusion.

Use in aircraft

In the opinion of experts, the simple airplane lap belt may already be a safety risk to small children in turbulence or an emergency landing. This child safety car seat has been approved by TÜV Rheinland and the Federal Aviation Authority for use in aircraft.

Comfort features

Foldable and removable insert cushion

The removable insert cushion gives the child good support and positions them correctly in the seat. The Phoenixfix 3 has a new higher seating position which can be adjusted by unfolding the cushion. Your child always will be totally comfortable and enjoy the ride, wherever you travel.

Breathable 3-D mesh fabric

This comfortable, breathable 3-D mesh fabric has been integrated into the backrest, seat surface, impact shield and seat cushion. This material increases air circulation, ensuring a comfortable, seating environment whatever the temperature.

3-Stage leg extension

The Phoenixfix 3 boasts a three-stage leg extension which ensures that the child sits safely and comfortably, with the back and legs well supported, as they grow from baby to toddler and become a pre-schooler.

One-handed height adjustment

With its adjustable headrest the Phoenixfix 3 grows in height along with your child. With a choice of 5 positions, a child will always be comfortable and safe. A simple squeeze of the handle on the rear of the seat is all it takes.

Durable cover

The Phoenixfix 3 comes in a wide range of colours with reflective inserts. The seat covers can be removed and machine washed at 30°C (gentle cycle).

Snooze Position

The Phoenixfix 3 has a greater 6.5 degrees more recline. It takes a few seconds to put the comfortable seat into the snooze position. Your child can sleep peacefully whilst still been perfectly protected.

Dimensions & Weight
Minimum: H 60 x W 53 x D 45 cm  
Maximum: H 68 x W 53 x D 50cm
Weight: approx 6.6 kg

Kiddy recommend that you have a product demo or free car fitting by one of our trained retailers.

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Kiddy Phoenixfix 3 Car Seat - Ex Display - Green

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