Hippychick Trybike 2in1 Steel Vintage - Pink Blue Green or Red


Designed in the Netherlands by balance bike experts, the Trybike Steel 2 in 1 Steel Bike offers a trike that converts into a bike so it grows as your child does. Being a balance bike it doesn't have pedals, instead, teaching balance which means children 'pick up' riding a next stage bike with pedals much quicker and easier.


  • Develops balancing skills
  • Different modes for extra longevity
  • Sturdy build for many years of play


Starting life as a trike, it is suitable for little ones from the age of around 15 months and then converts to bike for use from around the age of 2. This bike will last them until they are around 6 years of age, so there is lots of play time to be had. The bike is adjustable in lots of ways making getting the settings to fit your little one is easy rather than then having to make do with an unadjustable one. 


It's really easy to convert it from a trike to a bike, everything you need is included including the tools, you simply change the axle from the long one to the short one and only replace 1 wheel! 


As well as having 2 options for height on the front wheel, the rear control disk enables you to shorten, lengthen, raise or lower the wheelbase allowing setups for starters and advanced and skilful riders. As well as being able to alter the wheel positions, the seat and handlebars are height adjustable too!


Another great feature of the Trybike to the small turning radius whether it is in trike or bike mode - most balance bikes have a small steering angle which results in an enormous turning circle and often results in children lifting the front wheel to get around corners; the Trybike has minimised the turning radius making it easier for your child. 


The tyres on the bike are extra wide and pneumatic giving excellent grip no matter the terrain you are on and the tyres are fitted on 12-inch spoked steel wheels with nylon bushings and superior sealed cartridge ball bearings for the smoothest of rides.


From a kids point of view, one of the best parts of the Trybike is the sticker sheet - there are different sticker designs to choose from allowing them to really make the bike their own.


Available in Pink, Blue, Green or Red.


(Basket sold seperately)


EAN: Pink: 08719189161793

EAN: Blue: 08719189161786

EAN: Green: 08719189161748

EAN: Red: 08719189161755




Hippychick Trybike 2in1 Steel Vintage - Pink, Blue, Green or Red

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