Bumprider is the next generation stand-on board for pushchairs, designed to fit any stroller or pushchair.

The Bump Rider has recently won the Gold Award for best twin or tandem pushchair accessory at the Mother and Baby 2016 Awards.

Nicholass, the designer of the bump rider has run competitions to find a pushchair that the bump rider does not fit, He has yet to find a pushchair that the bump rider will not fit.

*Quick release and locking. Attach or detach your Bumprider with a simple ”click”. 
*Connecting arms, adjustable freely without limitations up/down and sideways to fit any child carriage.
*Unique suspension technique that ensures a smooth and easy ride regardless where you walk.
*Connecting arms adjustable in length to further increase fitability and placement option.
*Sturdy grip surface to prevent slipping or accidents, made in many different designs for your choice.
*Due to Bumprider’s quickrelease system for easy mounting and dissemble from your stroller, installation is very easy. No tools needed.
*The balanced suspension ensures a smooth ride, even on bumpy roads. Bumprider is designed to fit on almost any stroller or pram type due to its universal connector with almost endless adjustment possibilities.

*Bumprider is suitable for children from 2 to 5 years of age and up to 20 kg.  

*Bumprider is designed and tested in Sweden.

Bump Rider - Stand-on Buggy Board - Grey Black

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Color: Grey black