New Besafe Izi Up X3 Isofix Car Seat - Black Cab

In the event of a collision, the child car seat rotates and protects the child in a unique way.
The BeSafe iZi Up X3 Fix is supplied with the new SIR solution – Side Impact Rotation. In the event of a collision, this car seat rotates and protects the child in a unique way. We know of no other car seat that has this unique feature as BeSafe continue to introduce practical, life saving innovations.
In 1970 the airbag was invented, in 1990 - ISOfix, in 2012 we are introducing the SIR system.What would the world do without innovations? Development progresses continuously. We have a goal of creating the safest car ride for your child. The result was iZi Up X3 fix. With the excellent side impact protection from iZi Up X3, it is also added an item: SIR - Side Impact Rotation.
SIR – Side Impact RotationThe chair rotates towards the center of the car so that the child is not pushed forward towards the door, which is common in accidents. Child car seat is easy to mount on the car's ISOfix mountings. Then attach the child car belt.
Easy to install - easy to adjust!Child car seat is easy to mount on the car's ISOFIX fittings, easy to adjust the height of the headrest, and easy to adjust the sleeping position for the child. If you don't have isofix points then don't worry - this car seat can be fixed using your standard lap and diagonal seatbelt.
They have improved the level of side protection in the BeSafe iZi Up X3. In the event of a collision, this will protect your child well.
New handles so that the child seat takes up even less roomThe BeSafe iZi Up X3 also has new handles so that the child seat takes up even less room in the car and the child itself may adjust the seat to the sleeping position, if he/she wishes, during a journey. The iZi Up is installed with the car’s 3-point belt and has no belt guiding horns. This makes the iZi Up X3 easy to fit without the risk of incorrect installation.
Functions1. Easy to install the 3-point belt: the car belt is holded by the shoulder belt guider and no guider for the hipster belt is required which prevents misuse. Older children can buckle in themselves without chance for wrong installation.
2. Reclining of 2 positions, which can be operated by the child itself
3. SIP – Side Impact Protection. Improved protection for both head & neck by EPS in head support and seat shell
4. Height adjustment very easy to operate on both sides of the backrest. The backrest and headrest grow higher while adjusting in the right proportion. The shoulder belt guiders go wider when the seat is adjusted to higher position.
ECE R44-04 approved for forward facing installation group 2/3: 15 - 36 kg.Installation: 3-point car belt

BeSafe iZi Up Fix Car seat - Black Cab

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