BeSafe iZi Turn i-Size
Flexible rotation for toddlers with Universal Level Technology™
Stature height: rf 61 – 105 cm, ff 88-105 cm
Max. weight: 18 kg
Age: approx. 6 months – 4 years (Disclaimer)
Double-layer-Safety for toddlers
State-of-the-art functionality for an easy everyday use
Individualized Comfort
Universal Level Technology™
Dynamic Force Absorber™

BeSafe iZi Turn i-Size: this toddler seat features full 360° rotation that allows you to easily take your child in and out of the seat from any angle. We strongly recommend you to keep your child rear facing all the way to 105 cm (approx. 4 years), but it gives you the option of using it forward facing if needed. iZi Turn i-Size offers advanced levels of ease of use and adjustability to the child and features Two-Fit Cushion™ provide extra comfort and stability.

Double-layer-Safety for toddlers

Built-in side impact protection (SIP) in the seat shell
Additional side impact protection SIP+ with a customized shape
Protective and soft headrest with innovative Dynamic Force Absorber™
Approved to the latest UN R129 regulation
Allows children to always travel 5x safer rear facing until approx. 4 years of age

State-of-the-art functionality for an easy everyday use
Magnetic Belt Assistants™ make getting in and out of the seat easy
Full 360 degrees rotation for a flexible usage
Adjustable recline positions even after installation
Optical & audio indicators for installation feedback
One-action adjustment of headrest and belts

Individualized Comfort
Universal Level Technology™ for the best sitting angle in any car
High-quality materials
Two-Fit Cushions™ for an individual adjustment to the child
Exceptional comfort with 4 recline positions
10-step adjustable headrest to grow with the child
Optimal air access through the ventilation system in the back


Highlight #1: the Universal Level Technology
Always an optimal sitting angle – in any kind of car

The BeSafe Universal Level Technology™ has a special seat-and-base-design that allows you to always install this seat horizontally, no matter how steep the vehicle seat of your car might be. With its rigid construction, forces are safely distributed to the vehicle floor through the support leg. On top of this horizontal installation, iZi Turn i-Size features 4 easily adjustable recline positions for the greatest comfort any place, any time. How the Universal Level Technology exactly works >>



Highlight #2: the Dynamic Force Absorber

Carefully catching like a trampoline


With the Dynamic Force Absorber™, the iZi Turn i-Size features a new and state-of-the-art solution in the headrest of the seat that gives optimal protection for the child’s most vulnerable body parts. It is made of special materials and a construction of different flex-zones, which optimally absorb forces in a side impact through bending in the inner area while staying more rigid in the outer areas. How the Dynamic Force Absorber functions like a trampoline >>



Highlight #3: the Two-Fit Cushions™
Adjustable comfort

Made of soft yet supportive materials, the Two-Fit Cushions™ give smaller children extra cushioning and stability when they start using this toddler seat. By being made of two parts, they can be taken out separately as the child grows older, allowing you to adjust the sitting and belt position in the iZi Turn i-Size perfectly to your child.



Technical information
Approved: UN R129 (i-Size)
Stature height: rf 61 – 105 cm, ff 88-105 cm
Max. weight: 18 kg
Age: approximately 6 months – 4 years

Direction: Rear facing or forward facing
Installation: ISOfix

Car seat weight: 15 kg


W x D x H: 44 x 73 x 50 cm (with headrest in lowest position)
Seat height with headrest in highest position: 62 cm




BeSafe iZi Turn i-Size Car Seat - Black Cab

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