Babyjogger now make footmuffs in colours that match the amazing babyjogger city mini single, GT, Elite,Summit and Mini double and Mini GT Double pushchairs.

The padded footmuff with fleece liner fits perfectly into the pushchair to keep your children’s legs and arms warm. The front zips off completely to make a pushchair seat liner with a velcro flap to allow convenient access to the babyjogger folding mechanism.


This plush footmuff is fully machine washable and provides a very snug and cozy environment for your new born or toddler. A really useful accessory for your baby jogger pushchair.


The new baby jogger footmuff also has a clever double zip mechansim which allows you to open the end of the footmuff if your children get really tall and want to put their feet through the end. It will still keep their legs nice and warm.


Please note: 
Baby Jogger make a separate footmuff for the Baby Jogger City Select and Premier Pushchairs.


This footmuff is compatible with 


Baby Jogger City Mini GT Single

Baby Jogger GT Double
Baby Jogger City Mini Single

Baby Jogger City Mini Double
Baby Jogger City Elite 
Baby Jogger Summit X3 

Baby Jogger Footmuff

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