Baby Jogger City Select Pushchair 


From the moment we first saw the prototype we have been desperate for it's arrival.  This is going to be the pushchair to have for 1 Newborn,1 newborn + 1 toddler or twins!  It will genuinely take 16 combinations of seat units, car seats and carrycot!  Does this mean it is heavier than everything else out there - IT DOES NOT!


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So why are we so excited?  What's so new and good about it? 


This pushchair is suitable from 6 months up to a maximum weight of 45 lb (20.5 kg); maximum height is 40 in (101.5 cm). • Total weight load recommended for this stroller is 62 lb (28 kg) (45 lb (20.5 kg) in seat, 2 lb (1 kg) in seat back pocket, 15 lb (7 kg) in basket).


Firstly the adaptability of the City Select allowing any of 16 combinations of carry cot, seat unit (facing forward or reverese!) or car seats. Secondly - the size and weight.  For a full twin pushchair it is surprisingly light at only 15.5 Kg! That’s only a smidge above average for a single pushchair. Thirdly - the FOLD!  Almost as good as the City Mini but you do need two hands for this one. Press the button on each side and the puschair folds in half.



Not deterred going off road the 12" rear wheels and 8" front wheels with suspension can cope with most terrains. 


The sealed ball bearings help to provide a smooth ride for your baby(ies) too.
Other features include locking swivel front wheels, telescoping handlebar and the new improved Baby Jogger one hand operated parking brake.
Lets not forget the ride comfort - the comfortable seats offer a multi-position recline and multi position foot rests. To allow you to see what is going on under the large sun hood there is a viewing portal!

Mums - the storage is huge.  With a Seat back storage compartment on each seat and a large under seat basket there is plenty of room for everything you want to take with you.  33lb per seat weight capacity (to meet British Standards - in the US these seats are good up to 45lbs!!).
The optional Carry cot(s) and car seat(s)can be bought to make this a truly superb from birth travel system. Smaller packing and lighter weight than almost every other true travel system available for 2.



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Baby Jogger City Select Pushchair plus Second Seat

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