Axkid Minikid 2.0 Rear Facing Car Seat in Premium Fabrics.


Suitable for children up to125cm tall ( around 6 years old) 25kg


Have a look at this video of the Axkid Mini Kid - one of the safest car seats in the world.


New version of this amazing car seat. It is not possible to use any other promotion when buying this car seat.


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The rear-facing car seat Axkid Minikid, launched 2018, has been designed to provide the best possible safety and comfort for both small and large children, enabling your child to travel rear-facing for as long as possible.


The Axkid Minikid car seat is a rear-facing only car seat that uses the car’s 3-point seat belt for installation and carries children between 9kg and 25kg in weight.The new Axkid Minikid car seat comes with the innovative side impact protection – ASIP (Axkid Side Impact Protection), developed together with a recognized crash institute in Germany, providing the best possible protection for the child in the event of a side impact collision. ASIP should be used on the side of the car seat that is facing the car’s door.When using the car seat in the middle, ASIP is not required.


The support leg has been developed and improved, and can now be extended with just one button, which is easier to access from the side.

With correct fitting of this car seat ie. pull the footprop onto the floor using the rear tether straps a far better recline angle can be acheieved. For cars with sporty back seats the axkid wedge is also an option but not necessary in most cars.

Axkid Fitting Video by Jane from Axkid


The cover has been improved, and the moment of taking on and off the cover has been simplified, so that the ability to wash the cover becomes easier. The headrest is thicker and cozier, for optimal comfort for the child when asleep.


The unique feature of the headrest and internal harness, which automatically adjusts according to the child’s length and size when you pull the belt, still remains but with a more visible brake lever.The self-tightening tether straps make the installation smooth when the car seat is “wiggled” in place.


The reclining leg in the front allows you to use five different positions for optimal slope for your child, depending on age and length. If more slope is needed, our angle adjusting wedge is a good addition.


Axkid Minikid is approved 0-25 kg (approximately 125 cm, 6 years) and has received excellent reviews from several independent test institutes.It is Plus Test approved up to 25 kg, received the “Good Choice 2015” award by Folksam, “Best Cost Value” by and is Rollover approved by VCA.Axkid Minikid is always delivered with a black baby cushion, to provide better support for the youngest children. Axkid Minikid, 0-25 kg, does not replace the infant carrier.We always recommend starting use an infant carrier, because it is best suited for the smallest children. When your child has out-grown the baby car seat, Axkid Minikid is a good choice for your child to travel rear-facing for a long time.Why we recommend this car seat.


The Axkid Minikid Car Seat has passed the rigorous Swedish Plus Test, the strictest car seat standard.The Axkid Minikid is designed to provide maximum comfort yet is a compact car seat which can be fitted in a range of cars from small to large.The adjustable front leg means you can easily recline the seat for the comfort of your child and the extra-long support leg ensures a stable installation in a variety of vehicles.The harness adjusts automatically to the child's length when tightened.


This means that whatever the child's weight and height the harness is in the correct position. In addition the seat features self-adjusting tether straps that are tightened by simply 'wiggling' the seat.


Additional features:


Easy installation on any seat in your vehicle that has a 3-point seat belt The integrated 5-point harness and headrest automatically adjust according to the child's size Unique tether strap tightening function - tethers are automatically tightened by rocking and pushing on restraint


Deep side wings for extra side impact protection Extra-long support leg to enable installation in a wide variety of vehicles


Three recline positions Crash tested in accordance with ECE 4404 Seat cover machine washable at 30ºC


Installation video


EAN: Granite Melange:07350057584415

Shell Black: 07350057584408

Sky Grey: 07350057584422



Green: 07350057582381

Petrol: 07350057582398


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SKU: 07350057584415