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Why buy from an Independent Nursery Store

We are a small bricks and mortar independent store just outside Wallingford, located on a beautiful farm away from the hurly burly of town and city centres. So why would you buy from us not from a large chain or department store. 1) We care - we only recommend products we would buy ourselves. We are interested in safety for your child and convenience for you.

2) We've been doing this for years - we first moved to our location in 2004.

3) We'll spend as much time with you as you need. We are in no rush.

4) You can park right outside our doors - it's free. This means:

a) you can try out all the car seats in your own car to make sure they can be fitted correctly

b) you can check pushchairs in your boot to make sure it will fit

c) you don't have to carry heavy boxes very far.

5) You can buy online, over the phone or in store. We want you to come and touch, push, fold or even put children in our pushchairs and car seats. We provide all the information we can online but sometimes there is no substitute for having a go with the product yourself.

6) We've been doing this a while. Hopefully we can answer all your questions and we encourage you to ask them. We're only interested in finding the right product that suits your needs. There is no best pushchair and no best car seat. We only sell high quality products. 7) We can build your pushchair and install you car seat for you. We'll even check your car seat if you brought it from somewhere else. More importantly we can show you how to correctly fit your car seat so that you can buy with confidence.

8) We don't have shareholders - we are small independently owned company. We only have to worry about our customers. We built this company ourselves. 9) There are some great pubs and restaurants nearby - if you need a break and get hungry we are happy to show you where you can get some food and drink. 10) If you decide to buy from us we can usually put together a package deal for you for all the things you actually need and we'll also tell you what you don't need. Feel free to ask any questions and thanks for reading. We hope to see you soon.

outside our showroom
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