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Covid-19 - Lockdown 3 - Pushchairs and Car Seats

Updated: 7 days ago

So we are locked down again which unfortunately means the showroom is temporarily closed. We are still offering collection of orders and I will help as much as I can with any questions you may have. The office is still attended every weekday and we are processing orders as quickly as we can. We are offering Virtual Showroom Visits ( Book Online) which in some ways are beneficial as you can sit back and relax and have a glass of wine ( or cup of tea - mums) whilst we take you through some pushchair and car seat options. Let's just beat this thing and continue to do what is best to protect ourselves and our friends and families. This virus can't move around without people. So please: wear a mask to protect yourself and others.

wash your hands regularly and effectively keep your distance shop online if you can get plenty of exercise stay at home ( just for a bit longer ) look after yourselves And we look forward to seeing you again soon

many thanks

Pushchairs and Car Seats

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